The new opening in the fall of 2015

Works for the new great museum of Florence's Dome

La sala dell'Antica Facciata del nuovo Museo dell'Opera del Duomo (Natalini e Guicciardini & Magni architetti)

E. Bramati


Florence - The Museo dell'Opera del Duomo in Florence is ready to close on May 19th 2014.
From that day, until the fall of 2015, the museum will undergo renovation works, and will open again on the occasion of the Ecclesia National Gathering. Future spaces will be doubled, compared to the current ones, with an area of 5.250 sq mt, of which 2.430 devoted to exhibitions and the rest to facilities and technical areas.

Also, collections will be presented in a new setting, both rational and evocative. The museums will be home to some of the most important works of art in the word, created by Donatello, Lorenzo Ghiberti, Luca della Robbia, Antonio Pollaiuolo and Michelangelo, including those from the Baptistery, from Giotto's Campanile and from the Cathedral of Florence.

One of the most impressive halls will be that of the Ancient Façade: a real "square", 36 mt long and 20 mt hight, where a huge replica of the 12th-century façade and 40 12th and 13th-century statues will be located. On the other side, there will be a gallery on three levels, with various openings on this monumental hall. The ground floor will host the Door of Heaven and the North Door, with Sansovino's statues and Danti and Rustici's bronzes, and the South Door of the Baptistery, as soon as it will be renovated.



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