Gianni Politi. In the Belly of the Serpent

Gianni Politi, Oil on Canvas, 2018, 200x150 cm.


Dal 11 Aprile 2019 al 15 Maggio 2019


Luogo: Galleria Lorcarn O'Neill

Indirizzo: vicolo dei Catinari 3

Orari: da martedì a sabato 11-19

Telefono per informazioni: +39 06 68892980

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Politi’s new exhibition presents over twenty large paintings that divide into two groups: large colorful abstract paintings which he refers to as interior landscapes; and portraits based on a 1770 work by the neoclassical Italian painter Gaetano Gandolfi of a bearded man, an image that reminded Politi of his father, who died aged 78 when the artist was just 16. Some of the paintings include a frame with a bronze “ouroboros”, the ancient emblem of a snake biting its own tail - a symbol of eternity - hinting at the cyclical nature of life and art. 

Gianni Politi (1986, Rome) lives and works in Rome. His recent projects include a current show curated by Sarah McCrory of sculpture and painting at Monteverdi, Siena; bronzes and paintings at Fonderia Battaglia, Milan, 2018; paintings at McNamara Art Projects, Hong Kong, 2018; bronzes at 56 Henry Street, New York, 2018; and shows at Nomas Foundation, Rome, 2015; MAXXI, Rome, 2015; Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna, Rome, 2014; Istituto di Cultura Italiana, Prague, 2014.